Once upon a time, in land full of opportunity, there was a magical place called The Horner Agency.
It was founded and run by an animated and good-spirited man called Josh. He worked long hours every day, drawing fuel from a big sparkling cup of positivity, helping the villagers buy and sell the houses of their dreams.

The townspeople absolutely loved Josh. He paid kind attention to their needs and listened to their hopeful desires, and he showcased the best and most unique features of their homes on a mysterious portal called ‘The Internet’. Together with his magical sidekick, Shazza the Gnome, he made funny and inspiring videos, charming the villagers to fall in love with the homes he was selling and to feel happy and at ease trading their millions of gold coins for their very own slice of the village.

The village, also known as the Central Coast of NSW, became renowned throughout the land as a popular and desirable playground to nest and bring up little villagers. The legend grew so that everyone who had heard of Josh and Shazza the Gnome knew that the place to be looked after was The Horner Agency, and it became the place to go for villagers who wanted to live happily ever after…

To this day, the story of Josh and the Horner Agency remains. Josh has dedicated himself to providing strong communication, a first-class customer experience, and a suite of personalised services to help you with all your real estate needs. You can contact him via his mysterious portal on josh@thehorneragency.com.au